"Hello, I’m Dr. Brian McDowell and today I’d like to talk to you about some of the myths about bunions and bunion surgery. Today we find many people presenting themselves to the office and they have waited an entire lifetime because a friend had surgery and it took 6 months to heal or a friend had surgery and it was extremely painful. Things have really changed today and we have cut down the time of disability tremendously and pain in many cases is nonexistent. I would like to show you some examples of some of the bunions that we do, and we happen to have a patient interview as well."
"Hi, I’m Sheila, McDowell Podiatry’s Patient Care Coordinator and Surgery Scheduler. After you’ve decided with your physician to proceed with surgery, then I would come in and meet with you to talk about the time or date that would work out for you. A lot of our surgeries are easy as far as outpatient. From door to door it takes around four hours. We go over all of the necessary preoperative tests that need to be done as far as EKG, medical clearance, and lab work. We go in great detail at our preoperative appointment for post-op and pre-op preparation so that when that day comes it goes smoothly and there are no surprises for you." 
"These are x-rays of a patient with a lesser deformity. You can see the preoperative x-ray on the left hand side, and the postoperative result on the right hand side. This type of deformity is usually recovered within two months and does not require wearing a below-the-knee, non-weight bearing fiberglass cast. They simply wear a postoperative shoe during their recovery. This is another type of bunion formation known as Hallux Rigidus. This condition is very painful and is a result of almost complete limitation of motion at the first metatarsal phalangeal joint. As a result, these patients have an incredible amount of pain and there are many different ways to fix this. In this case, we chose to replace the joint with a silastic implant using titanium grommets, as you can see on the right hand view. These patients respond extremely well within thirty days and almost are back to normal."
"Today we have one of our patients who recently has undergone bunion surgery and I think patients go on the internet, they talk to friends, and they have a misconception about surgery, so I’d like our patient to explain to you what brought her to our office and her experience with bunion surgery. I had actually signed up for surgery at two other places, but I felt really comfortable in Dr. McDowell’s hands, so I did the first surgery in January and then did another one in July on the other foot."
"I will add to that, that the kind of surgery that you had was actually the most disabling surgery, because you’re wearing a cast. Most of the surgeries we do, patients aren’t even in a cast. Did you find that you had a lot of pain, following the surgery?" 
"No. I think the first couple of nights I used pain pills, but after that it was fine. It was just being off my foot for two months was the challenge - it wasn’t the pain."
"In most people that have this surgery or other types of bunion surgery, they’re back in shoes in six weeks and after two months they’re fully back to work. As I said, you had the most disabling kind of surgery. Now, today, about six months after the surgery, what’s your life like?"
"I just got back from New York, where I walked all over the place for the whole week and it was great. I’m still recovering, but it was wonderful to be able to keep up with my family." 
"Have you been able to wear regular shoes?" 
"Yes! I think I’m old enough now that I’ve got to not wear those five inch high shoes anymore, but I can wear regular shoes."
"Great. I want to thank you for your time and we really appreciate your doing this for us."
"Thank you, so much!"
"These are the x-rays of our patient who just gave her testimonial. As you can see from the preoperative view on the left hand side, she has a very marked deformity. The correction is obviously on the right hand side. It is very extensive and requires a non-weight bearing cast for up to two months. Patients are fully recovered after three months.
Bunion surgery does not have to be painful or inconvenient as far as walking is concerned. At McDowell Podiatry, we invite you to come to the office so that we can take x-rays, listen to your history, and prescribe the appropriate procedure for you."

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