Hi, I’m Dr. Brian McDowell, and welcome to our website. We hope this website will give you information and also give you an insight into our wonderful staff. We have included a lot of information about you and your family’s feet and we hope you find it informative. Now, let me give you a tour of our office.

We pride ourselves on being extremely high-tech, or green, if you will. As a new patient you will find that you can make your initial appointment much easier by filling out all of the new patient forms online through our Patient Portal so that when you arrive, we will be ready to go.

We have the most modern, digital, x-ray equipment available. It provides minimal radiation exposure and at the same time, is readily available on our computers in each treatment room. This way, the doctors can draw on the x-rays and explain the patient’s problem to them.

For our diabetic population, we provide tests and treatments utilizing the latest in techniques. Preventative care includes an annual, thorough examination as well as monthly visits if necessary. Here, we are performing a PADnet test. This test measures arterial circulation, which is vital to know, especially in our diabetic population.

Neuropathy is a big part of our practice, and we provide many different options other than just medications to alleviate neuropathy symptoms such as burning, pain, and tingling. Here, Cassandra is performing a special test on a patient so that we can better isolate the problem. Please check out our Neuropathy Center, which is located on the front page of our website, for more information. As I mentioned earlier, there are many different ways to treat neuropathy, other than just pills. Here, we are providing a treatment called Combination Electro-Analgesia. In many cases, it reduces pain, increases sensation, and overall our patients have more balance, thus eliminating falls.

A large portion of the population has a disease known as onychomycosis, otherwise known as fungal toenails. Here, Terry, our nurse practitioner, is administering the new laser technique treatment with our HyperBlue laser. As you can see, this is a painless procedure and is very effective.

A large part of our practice involves athletic injuries. Here, Brittany administers the new MLS Class 4 Laser to help reduce inflammation and pain and increase healing in athletic injuries and post-operative patients.

This is our orthotic center. Here, we provide our patients with the most up-to-date orthotics available. Please check out our Sole Support video, which is located on our website for more information.

Finally, we have our nail clinic. We take great pride in this clinic as we find it provides a great service to many patients, especially our diabetic population. We have a licensed pedicurist who provides this service in a very sterile environment.

There you have it. A little more insight into the McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group. As you can see, we have excellent doctors who are going to treat all ankle, foot, and neuropathy problems. To make an appointment, we would like you to use the Patient Portal or, if you would like, please call our office. Thank you!

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