The joints in our body are acted upon by often very large forces of leverage through a small surface area. No joint is acted upon more than the knee. That is why it is incredibly important to protect the wear and tear your knee sustains. To do this, it is important to keep correct alignment of the legs, because a misaligned leg will greatly magnify the forces created in your knee. Over time, this will lead to cartilage loss, pain, swelling, stiffness, and finally degeneration and disease. This process can be stopped or prevented through raising and supporting the arch of the foot in its optimal position. Raising and supporting the arch realigns the leg and relieves the excess forces acting upon the knee.

The custom orthotics we provide here at McDowell Podiatry, can provide that support! Find out more about how custom orthotics can help relieve your arthritic pain by calling our office, (916) 961-3434, or contacting us online.

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