The iliotibial, or IT band, is a connection of tough, fibrous tissue which runs from the hip, through the knee and below, on the outside of the leg. IT band pain is due to the tightening and shortening of the tissue, throughout the length of the leg, that stresses the IT band to its limits. Pain is most commonly felt in the hip or outside of the knee, but can occur anywhere along the length of the tissue. A major contributor to IT band pain is overpronation and collapsing of the arch of the foot. When the arch collapses, the leg rotates inward, exacerbating the stresses on the IT band, and increasing the pain. To alleviate or correct the condition, the arch of the foot must be corrected and supported, restoring the arch to its optimal position.  This will correct leg rotation and restore the mechanical function of the entire lower body.

This is where Sole Supports custom orthotics come in! At McDowell Podiatry, we take a custom mold of your foot, to create the best orthotics for you. To learn more about how you can start enjoying your activities again, pain free, contact our Carmichael, CA office!

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