“I’m Dr. Tracy Basso, and I’m trained in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. One of our specialties here at the clinic is peripheral nerve surgery. We treat patients of all types with peripheral neuropathy and lower extremity nerve pain.

There’s a wide range of treatment options that the patients have, which include nutritional type therapy, topical compounding, we do some electro-analgesia type work, but most specifically we do nerve decompressions.

This is built off of our diagnostic workup, which is absolutely our hallmark here at the clinic. We can differentiate peripheral pain vs. central pain, which is one of the core aspects of our work. From that we’re able to treat the peripheral nerve regions quite effectively.”

Patient Testimonial

“Hello, my name is Colby. About eight years ago, I had foot pain after doing major yard work at my house. I had about four surgeries to fix my arch – it was moving up and down, so they fused a couple bones together. After a couple of years, though, I started having pain in my foot. It kept getting worse and worse and worse, so I found Dr. McDowell and Dr. Basso.

The first thing they did was they found out that I had nerves that were trapped in scar tissue. The first surgery that they did was they opened up the top of my foot, scraped out a lot of the scar tissue, put the nerves back down, closed me back up, and for a while, the pain went away completely – for about a month. But, at the time I was on a lot of pain medication, so as I started to come down off the pain medication, the pain came back.

So our next approach was to cut the major nerves that go over the top of my foot to get rid of the pain for good. So they’ve cut three of those four major nerves on the top of my foot, and about 95% of my pain is gone. I still have a little bit of pain, but it’s in a position where I put my foot that really doesn’t matter, so I’m pretty much cured. I’ve also stopped taking a lot of pain medication. At one point, because of my foot pain, I was on about 12 norco a day plus a sustainable morphine. At this point, I’m now probably going to be off opiates in about a month. It’s all to Dr. McDowell and Dr. Basso. Thank you very much.”

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