Arthritis of the big toe, or Hallux Rigidus, is the wearing away of the joint surfaces of the toe, as well as the development of bone spurs. The big toe is a vital component of foot function. It bears much of the force created during walking and running. Due to this, a big toe affected by arthritis can be debilitating. Symptoms of this ailment include pain while walking or running, swelling, and loss of mobility in the toe. Over time, without treatment, favoring the toe can change your gait, causing even more systemic problems.

To correct or alleviate this condition, it is necessary to restore the foot’s optimal arch, effectively unlocking the big toe, and allowing it to function normally. It is the only practical way to address both the symptoms and the cause of many foot ailments, including big toe arthritis.

At McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group, we use Sole Supports custom orthotics to help you get better. These custom orthotics, casted to your unique foot to provide support and comfort. For more information, contact our Carmichael, CA office today!

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