Back pain is the leading cause of physical disability for Americans under 45. It is important to remember, the body is a system and not exclusively independent parts. A problem with foot function can be the cause of back pain, and foot support can lead to reversing back pain and overall dysfunction. Without a way to support the entire body on hard surfaces, while actively engaging in our day to day lives, the body will weaken and compensate. This compensation makes other areas of the body work harder, and over time, leads to dysfunction, disability, and life-altering pain. By directly and completely restoring the arch, and supporting it in its optimal position, the entire body has a buffer between its own weight and the forces of impact on the hard ground.

If you suffer from chronic, debilitating back pain, we may have the solution for you, here at McDowell Podiatry. We can evaluate your condition and determine whether Sole Supports custom orthotics may be right for you. Don't live another day in pain. Contact our office today!

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