Lasers are high-tech instruments—something that you might not think you could apply to your ordinary life. However, you might be surprised to know that this cutting-edge technology is used for something as normal as your feet.

In fact, laser therapy can have multiple uses in foot and ankle care. The different laser-based treatments we provide in our office can address pain as well as fungal toenail infections.

Let’s break down how lasers can help each of the situations above.

Laser Therapy for Foot Pain

Laser Therapy for Pain

Laser therapy for foot pain is a painless and non-invasive process that uses concentrated light to draw blood flow to your heels, tendons, and nerves—depending on which area is giving you trouble.

The light beam penetrates the soft tissues at certain frequencies, increasing your body’s natural healing processes as additional oxygen and nutrients are brought to the area.

Usually, the treatment lasts for around five minutes. It might take multiple treatments over a few weeks or months for you to feel the fullest extent of relief, but results are often felt after the first treatments.

What Kinds of Conditions are Treated?

Plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain, is an issue we often treat with laser therapy. The condition is created through overuse or a sudden injury that happens when the plantar fascia, the tissue that connects the heel to the toes and supports the arch, becomes inflamed.

Other conditions include neuromas, tendinitis, and bursitis.

Many athletes and sports teams are on board with laser treatment as a way to quickly heal sports injuries. You also might be a good candidate for this treatment if you’ve tried other methods of pain relief with no success, such as icing, elevating, resting, taking anti-inflammatory medications, stretching, and physical therapy.

Laser Therapy for Toenail Fungus

Fungal infections are stubborn. Once the fungus invades your nails, it may not give up without a fight. Maybe you have tried topical and oral anti-fungal medications with no improvement. In that case, your next step might be laser treatment for toenail fungus.

The laser is applied to the nail in a fast, painless treatment that usually takes around 15 minutes. Typically, this is administered about three to six times over a course of six months.

The laser works by penetrating the nail and the nail bed. This is different than topical treatments, which usually only can reach the nail. When the laser penetrates the nail bed, it kills the fungi where they thrive and multiply.

Toes in Grass

When Should I Consider Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus?

This painless procedure is a good alternative to taking oral anti-fungal medication. In fact, some people might have negative reactions to these types of medicines. Oral medications may also cause serious side effects to your liver and kidneys.

On the contrary, laser treatment has no such effects.

If you have already tried oral and topical medications with no luck, that’s another reason why you might try laser.

 However, the treatment isn’t a cure-all. If your toes aren’t maintained after a successful procedure, the fungus may have a chance of returning in a few years if the proper prevention and treatment methods aren’t applied.

When Will my Nails Clear Up?

Remember that all fungal nail treatments take time. It may take more than six months for you to achieve favorable results. This is because new, healthy toenails grow back at a slower rate than fingernails.

Please know that each case of toenail fungus is different. Your case may be worse or milder than others with the condition, which may require a more- or less-invasive treatment. Know that we’ll always listen to your concerns about this treatment and recommend what we think best fits your needs.

Find Out if Laser Treatment is For You

While we offer cutting-edge treatments like laser therapy for fungal nails and foot pain, we always wish to ensure you are presented the best options for your care.

Whatever problem you consult us for, we will conduct a full examination to pinpoint the cause and explain the pros and cons of all potential treatments.

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