Sacramento podiatristAt McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group, we provide a full range of foot and ankle care services for patients from Carmichael, Sacramento, and the surrounding communities. Our services are comprehensive, but they can be broken down into various categories. Some of the more common services involve:

Heel Pain

The lower limbs sustain tremendous amounts of physical force loads every time we walk, run, and even stand. Accordingly, heel pain brings in many patients to see us. The amount of forces placed on the back of the feet is certainly a reason for this, but so too is the fact there are several potential conditions causing heel pain. These include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, Sever’s disease, bone fractures, bursitis, Haglund’s deformity (“pump bump”) and heel spurs. We can provide the treatment you need to relieve painful symptoms.

Sports Injuries

Physical activity is an essential component of your health and wellbeing. Further, playing sports can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, sports and exercises do come with an inherent risk of injury. Some common sports injuries include sprained ankles, turf toe, midfoot injuries, and Achilles tendon ruptures. The good news is most of these are successfully treated without the need for surgery. Even better, preventative measures can help keep you safe!

Diabetic Foot Care

There are many ways diabetes can affect overall physical health, but it would be an egregious mistake to overlook the effects it can have on the health of your feet. Diabetes can lead to impaired blood flow and damaged nerves that open the door for serious medical complications like Charcot foot and diabetic foot ulcers. The severe foot deformity of Charcot foot is certainly concerning, but diabetic foot ulcers lead to an increased risk of foot amputations. We can help you create an effective diabetic foot care plan to reduce your odds of experiencing a major problem.

Nerve Pain

In some cases, nerve pain is actually a good thing. If you suddenly feel a burning sensation in your hand, it allows you to realize you’ve put it on a hot burner and need to remove it to avoid serious damage. When nerves cause painful sensation without any root cause, though, it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Common sources of nerve pain in feet include neuropathy, neuromas, and tunnel tarsal syndrome. Neuropathy is particularly concerning diabetic patients, but even healthy individuals can suffer nerve damage from injuries, toxins, or diet deficiencies. Neuromas are thickened nerve tissues that usually develop in response to pressure on them from an external source, like a tumor or swollen tissue. When not treated, they can become permanent, so it is important to see us for treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Toe Deformities

Bunions, hammertoes, and other toe deformities are generally progressive, which means they worsen over time and are irreversible. Fortunately, we have treatment methods to slow, or even stop the progression, and offer surgical solutions to correct the condition. Our goal is to use conservative care first, but you can rest assured knowing that our doctors are skilled and experienced at performing successful surgeries.

Minimally-Invasive Procedures

One of the tools at our disposal to hopefully avoid a surgical procedure is the use of minimally-invasive procedures. These are usually performed with only tiny incisions, instead of the large opening required for a full surgical procedure.

HyProCure treatment is an example of a procedure we are particularly proud to offer our patients. With this option, we inject a titanium stent which helps to correct misaligned feet. This can provide relief from symptoms ranging from heel to back pain.

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