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Read All About it in Our Newsletters!

At McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group, we are dedicated to providing you with as much information as we can to keep your feet and ankles healthy. That’s why we offer a monthly newsletter full of helpful tips and information to prevent injuries, treat problems, and more. Check out our latest edition, or any of the previous issues that you might find interesting. Just visit any of the links below and enjoy! 

If you should have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (916) 961-3434. All of us here at our Carmichael, CA office are happy to help.

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  • Newsletter - June 2018 As always, our June newsletter is positively packed with great information so you and your loved ones can have the best possible foot health.
  • Newsletter - May 2018 Our May newsletter is now available and we are pleased to let you know that it is absolutely stuffed with valuable information covering a range of foot- and ankle-related topics.
  • Newsletter - April 2018 In our April newsletter, we discuss various topics such as fungal nails, hammertoes, and staying healthy to keep unhealthy conditions at bay!
  • Newsletter - March 2018 Our March newsletter explains how to keep your feet happy while working! It also welcome our new Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Fujii.
  • Newsletter - February 2018 Our February newsletter has a lot of information, advice, and tips that will benefit you (and your loved ones!) this Valentine's Day.
  • Newsletter - January 2018 In this edition, learn about how to care for your feet to start 2018 out right!
  • Newsletter - December 2017 End the year on a high note as you gear up for the best 2018 possible with insightful health news and top tips in our December newsletter!
  • Newsletter - November 2017 The team at McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group has valuable tips in this months newsletter to keep your feet healthy and safe as we gear up for the holiday season.
  • Newsletter - October 2017 Inside this month’s McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group newsletter, healthy foot care tips and advice!
  • Newsletter - September 2017 In this month's issue, read up on our marathon training tips, learn how your weight affects your feet, learn how to pack a healthy lunch, and more!
  • Newsletter - August 2017 Learn how to choose kids’ gym shoes, enjoy the dog days of summer, keep toenails healthy, reap the benefits of rowing, and more!
  • Newsletter - July 2017 Summer’s here! Keep these safety tips in mind to keep your feet safe.
  • Newsletter - June 2017 Get tips to keep kids’ feet healthy, deal with arch pain, and lace your shoes just right. Also, learn the benefits of fresh air and the culprits of capsulitis!
  • Newsletter - May 2017 Start your summer out right with the healthy tips inside this month’s edition. Find out how to sleep better, exercise with kids, manage neuropathy, and more! You’ll even discover what’s really to blame for bunions, as well as what the soles of your shoes are saying about you.
  • Newsletter - April 2017 This issue takes a close look at lasers and all that they can do! You’ll also learn tips on reducing stress in honor of Stress Awareness Month, and even find out how colors affect your mood. Ever wonder why toes overlap and muscles cramp? Find out these answers and more inside this edition!
  • March 2017 Newsletter: Basketball Bummers Learn how to keep your feet safe and healthy this spring with info on bursitis, basketball injuries, and overpronation. This and more in our latest newsletter!
  • February 2017 Newsletter: That's Just Swell! It’s the month of love, so why not give your feet some? Find DIY foot scrubs and tips on toenail care in our latest newsletter, plus some great gift ideas, too!
  • January 2017 Newsletter: Happy Healing Put your best foot forward with our first newsletter of 2017, covering everything from smoking cessation and foot odor to recovering from an Achilles rupture!
  • December 2016 Newsletter: Soaking Up the Benefits This month’s edition is full of festive tips and info! Discover DIY foot soak recipes, easy homemade holiday party favors, and what to do about pigeon toes.
  • November 2016 Newsletter: Turf Vs. Grass: The Effects on Football Injuries Find out how artificial turf relates to football injuries, how much sleep you need each night, and just what you use pumice stones for in our latest newsletter.