Having swollen feet during pregnancy is a very common, albeit embarrassing, phenomenon. The swelling is also known as edema. Here’s how it works: Your body takes on more fluid when you’re pregnant in order to nourish the baby and yourself. That excess fluid shows up in your tissues and is more visible in your ankles and feet, due to gravity.

Your lower limbs also tend to puff up from the excess pressure of your uterus on the veins that carry blood from your legs and feet back to your heart.

Women usually experience swollen feet or ankles during their third trimester. They will be the most swollen at the end of the day and during the summer, when it’s the hottest.

Some swelling is normal, but if you notice prolonged swelling that’s causing pain in your calf or thigh, you should see a doctor. If you liked our information, maybe you should like us on Facebook, too! The McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group, (916) 961-3434, serves the community of Carmichael, CA, and the surrounding Sacramento area.   

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