When you have diabetes, you can benefit from special socks if you have problems with your feet, including neuropathy and circulation issues. If you don’t have these problems, you can wear whatever socks you want, as long as they breathe well, and are not constricting your feet in any way. However, diabetic socks offer peace of mind and comfort with features like these:

Weave: Some regular socks are too tightly woven at the opening, which could constrict blood flow in the legs. Special socks made for those with diabetes usually have a larger weave that fits around the ankle and the calf to reduce tightness.

Material: They are also made of anti-microbial, anti-fungal, acrylic material that wicks moisture and prohibits the growth of bacteria. They are padded for protection too, and sewn without seams to reduce friction or irritation that could create blisters.

Color: Diabetic socks are light-colored as well, which can help people detect any bleeding or discharge from wounds on the feet.

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