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When should I see a podiatrist like Dr. Brian McDowell?

It’s important to see a podiatrist if your pain doesn’t go away with conservative methods like rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

On the skin of the feet, any wound, sore, or lesion that doesn’t heal should be seen by a podiatrist. If you see any unusual colors like red, blue, purple, or white, it could mean a variety of problems. Also, check the moles on your feet and call Dr. Brian McDowell if they change in size, color, or start to bleed. 

Pain and swelling in the feet or deformities could indicate a broken bone. A lump that gets bigger may turn out to be a cyst. Flat arches could be an indicator of a tendon issue. Numbness, tingling, and burning accompanies neuropathy, which could be brought on by diabetes. A podiatrist like Dr. Brian McDowell, Dr. Tracy L. Basso, or Dr. Gavin P. Ripp can diagnose and rule out problems by examining your feet.

You should also watch out for pain that increases with activity and discomfort when your legs are elevated. If you’re experiencing severe pain that doesn’t go away within 24 hours, see a podiatrist right away. Make an appointment with McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group here in Carmichael CA by calling (916) 961-3434 to make sure your feet stay healthy.

Dr. Brian McDowell
Dr. Brian McDowell, board-certified podiatrist, provides cutting-edge foot and ankle care in Carmichael, CA.