When you see something wrong with your child’s feet, you may scratch your head and think, “Should my child see a podiatrist?” You might just brush it off, assuming that they’ll grow out of it, only to watch them sprain an ankle, develop heel pain, and encounter shin splints later down the road.

Injuries like the ones above, including Sever’s disease and stress fractures, can actually be prevented—and that’s why we say yes to this question. Your child needs to see a podiatrist, preferably in the form of a preventative foot exam.

We can actually diagnose and foresee problems in your child’s feet, due to growth, obesity, and overuse. As your child’s foot grows, it puts them more at risk for certain conditions, such as flat feet.

Depending on what we find, our treatment will involve a customized orthotic insert, advice on proper footwear, hands-on therapy, and other important information to help you treat and prevent the symptoms.

You should always see a podiatrist if your child is experiencing foot pain. Call the McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group at (916) 961-3434 to schedule a foot exam today.

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