When you have advanced peripheral neuropathy in your feet, it’s impossible to feel the brake or acceleration pedal when you drive, which can be a very scary feeling. This might cause you to brake too soon or accelerate too fast. We know you’re not a bad driver, you’re just unsure of how much pressure to place on the foot pedals. If this is the case, should you really be driving with numb feet?

There hasn’t been enough research for doctors to give formal recommendations, but you should definitely seek treatment for your numbness when it gets this bad.

When it comes to neuropathy, we always say there’s nobody that does what we do. Our treatments are administered by expertly trained podiatrists who can resolve the neuropathy causing this numbness and tingling—truly. We can also refer you to driving rehabilitation specialists who fit you with adaptive devices, including hand controls and pedal modifications, to better control your car when you’re at the wheel. 

Drive safely. Call the Foot and Ankle Centers for the Care of Neuropathy, located at McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group in Carmichael, CA. Dial (916) 961-3434 today to make an appointment with Dr. Brian McDowell or Dr. Tracy L. Basso.

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