Yoga and feet go together well! And not just that—yoga and your back, hips, and knees also go together, too! Foot pain often creates problems that radiate into those areas, so it’s very beneficial to consider joining a class or practicing at home.

It’s also a good exercise because it’s low impact. Activities like running put a lot of repetitive pressure your feet, which can aggravate problems. Whether you’re looking for a less stressful exercise or rehabbing from an injury, yoga is a good place to start.

The ancient Indian practice can also serve as an activity for someone recovering from a broken foot. You can easily modify the poses according to your ability and strength. This means that you can slowly increase joint flexibility at a pace where you don’t put any extra strain on your feet.

People with arthritis, as well as those suffering from bunions, can also find that this meditative practice soothes the aching in their stiff joints.

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