Make good foot care a habit for your feet—they’re the only pair you’ll have for your whole life! They help you walk and move around, and should get the respect they deserve.

Plus, you can catch problems early if you’re keeping track of the changes in your ankles, soles, arches, and toes. That’s right—you can lower your chances of getting serious problems like neuropathy, diabetic ulcers, chronic heel pain, and arthritis.

A few minutes a day is all it takes to check between your toes and keep an eye out for any unusual deformities, pain, discoloration, or swelling.

If you’re diabetic, you need to check your feet daily. You tend to lose feeling in your feet and encounter slower healing times with this condition. You might not know that you have a splinter or that your foot is bleeding until you do your daily check. One thing’s for sure—you’ll be glad you did.

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