Yes, flip-flops are bad for your feet, but only if they’re worn excessively. Sometimes, these summertime staples can help protect against fungal infections and hot sand on the beach. However, they should only be worn for an hour or two and should never be worn hiking, running, playing sports, or operating equipment.  

They offer no arch support, which can aggravate problems for people with high arches and flat feet. You can develop plantar fasciitis and a sprained ankle if you overuse this style of flimsy footwear.

Your toes also take a beating. The constant gripping onto the front of the shoes can lead to tendonitis, hammertoes, and even bunions.

Cushioning is another feature they lack. This means that your feet have to absorb most of the shock from the repetitive motion of your foot hitting the ground. Stress fractures in the foot bones could be in your near future.

The constant rubbing can also create burning, raw skin, and blisters on the bottom of your foot and between your toes.  Many people develop heel fissures which are due to wearing open heeled shoes.  This type of shoe or flip-flop has a tendency to dry the skin out because you will lose your normal body oils and perspiration.  Heel fissures can become infected and consequently become very disabling.

Let us help you find a better pair of shoes. McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group can even prescribe custom orthotics to fix problems caused by this sandal. Call (916) 961-3434 today.

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