Sometimes names can be deceiving. Ever notice a red onion is actually purple in color? Ever try to put a saddle on a sea horse?

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection with a deceiving name as well, derived from the fact that it is often contracted in places that athletes hang out, like gym locker rooms and showers. However, you don’t have to be an athlete for this red, itchy rash to come calling!  Maybe you’re just looking to relax barefoot by the pool, or you forgot to pack a towel and borrowed someone else’s. Perhaps your feet get really sweaty in your shoes. Well, guess what? Athlete or not, you’re at risk!

Athlete's FootThe fungus that causes athlete’s foot loves warm, moist places, so even if you’re not into sports, but totally into walking shoeless in a sauna or going sans socks in sweaty footwear, this rash can take hold. It typically starts between your toes then spreads, causing itchiness, redness, burning, cracking, and even blistering. It’s extremely contagious, too, thus it’s easy to catch from someone else – skin-to-skin or via anything else that has been contaminated, like towels or socks.

So, even if you’re about as athletic as a red onion, you must still protect yourself from athlete’s foot! Follow these precautionary guidelines to stay rash-free:

  • Always wear sandals or shower shoes in public places
  • Never borrow towels, socks, or shoes
  • Be sure to wear socks, specifically ones that wick moisture away
  • Wear shoes that fit well and are made of breathable materials
  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Treat feet and shoes with anti-fungal powder or spray

If, despite your best efforts, you still get athlete’s foot, make an appointment at our Carmichael, CA office by dialing (916) 961-3434. We’ll set you up with either topical or oral medication to help kick your rash to the sidelines and get you back in the game…even if it’s just monopoly!

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