Museums offer a wealth of artifacts and history where you can learn everything you want to know—and more! The Sacramento History Museum has some really great information about the Gold Rush of 1849  as well as a host of activities for kids, families, and couples roaming the streets of Old Sacramento. All this talking makes us wish we had a museum for feet—well, step on up to the hammertoe surgery exhibit! We’ll tell you all we know.

A hammertoe is a deformity that makes your toe fold at the middle joint. This causes the digit to stay in a curled position, resembling a hammer. Usually, surgery happens when all non-surgical treatments have been tried and exhausted.

There’s different types of surgery, including removing the bone, transplanting tendons, or fusing the joint together. If you have a flexible hammertoe, we might transplant your tendons. Fixed hammertoe may require fusion or removal of bone.

Please know that we will only make a suggestion of what treatment will work best for you after we’ve seen your problem; for example, whether you have a flexible or inflexible toe. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible and we earn your trust that you’re in the best office that will meet your needs.

In fact, we may suggest against surgery if we know that you’ve been experiencing relief with padding, strapping, and shoe replacements, or if you can still straighten your toe. We also might try to nudge you away from a procedure if you have multiple problems in your feet like active infections, poor circulation, and other deformities.

As far as the surgery goes, it’s usually done as an outpatient procedure—you can leave the hospital or surgery center the same day of the operation. It can also be performed under general or local anesthesia. Your recovery will take a few weeks, depending on your procedure, and will require special footwear.

Let us help you evaluate options for hammertoe surgery or treat the deformity before it gets worse. Please call our office in Carmichael, CA, at (916) 961-3434 to make an appointment. McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group serves the greater Sacramento area, including Roseville and Citrus Heights.

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