Proper Blister Care for FeetGone are the days without smartphones, when everything was a little more hands-on. Now, people use their phones to access encyclopedias, GPS, and money too! Today, you can manage your bank accounts with the touch of a button on apps like Mint, Simple, Acorns, and Motif. However, they still haven’t managed to come up with an app to fix your blisters for you. Hmm … guess you’ll just have to go “old school” and fix your problems with these tools for blister care.

Moleskin Pad: If your blister is small enough and isn’t giving you pain, you should be able to cover it with a loose bandage and leave it alone. For the bottom of the foot, you can place a donut-shaped moleskin pad over the area, which is basically a self-stick piece of raised padding that fits around your blister.

Soap: If the blister is big and causing you pain, you might want to pop the bubble. However, before you do that, make sure you wash your hands—and the affected area—with soap. If the blister has already popped, a good first aid treatment is to wash the area with soap and water, too.

Needle: Poke tiny holes on the edge of the blister to drain the fluid. You can also press gently on the blister to help get the substance out.

Rubbing Alcohol: Make sure the needle or pin is sterilized with rubbing alcohol before you begin.

Antibiotic Ointment: Put some topical antibiotic medication over the patch of drained skin. Make sure you leave the top flap of skin attached.

Band-Aid: Cover the area with a clean bandage.

Tweezers: The patch of skin over the blister should dry up within a few days. You can remove this dead skin with a sterilized pair of tweezers or scissors.

After the proper blister care, monitor the area over the next few days. If you notice any redness, swelling, or pus around the blister, it might be a sign of infection. In that case, make an appointment with Dr. Brian McDowell or Dr. Gavin P. Ripp at McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group at (916) 961-3434. We can give you high-tech foot treatment that will get rid of your problem fast.

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