Kids playingThis certainly isn’t the case for all children here in the greater Sacramento community, but sports are a big part of childhood for many kids. Some simply love running around and competing, while others look forward to the opportunity to spend time with friends. When children are active, they can develop friendships, learn the value of hard work, and keep a healthy bodyweight. Unfortunately, they can also get hurt.

When your son or daughter sustains any of the common child sports injuries for feet and ankles, we are here to help, and you will be relieved to know that most cases are resolved successfully with the use of conservative (nonsurgical) care.

There are many different sporting activities, and many ways within each individual sport for a child to hurt a foot or ankle. Even so, we still see and treat some injuries more often than others here at our Sacramento, CA area foot doctor office. Ankle sprains, Sever’s disease, fractures, and shin splints happen with a fair degree of frequency. Naturally, specific treatment plans vary based on injury, severity, and the patient, but common components include:

  • RICE – Rest, ice, compression, and elevation is a particularly beneficial strategy that can be used in first aid for many of these injuries. These promote natural healing processes, while at the same time reducing levels of pain and inflammation in the affected area.

  • Medication – Always check with our office for recommended dosage and types, but oral medication is another nonsurgical tool that helps lower inflammation and relieve painful symptoms.

  • Custom orthotic devices – Depending on the injury sustained, orthotic devices that are customized to your child’s unique feet and gait can be effective.

When active children get hurt while playing sports and need foot or ankle treatment, McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group provides effective care to get them back to their favorite activities. The good news is that most common child sports injuries do not require surgical procedures.

If your son or daughter suffers a foot or ankle injury while playing sports, or through any other means, contact our Carmichael, CA podiatrist office and find out how we can help. Either give us a call at (916) 961-3434 to speak with a member of our staff, or take advantage of our online form to schedule an appointment for your child today.

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