New year's goalsIf you didn’t know that it was the start of a new year, you would certainly be able to tell by the number of people working out at Sacramento, CA gyms like California Family Fitness, Crunch Gym, Fitness System Land Park or Ben-a-fit in Roseville. It’s always great to see and hear about people who have made a commitment to their health. We know, though, that sometimes it’s easy to get excited at the start of an exercise program, but then the excitement fades.

Keeping that in mind, we want to offer some tips for keeping resolutions. We certainly care about our patients’ overall wellbeing, but—as Sacramento foot specialists—we also know the role that exercise and diet play in foot health. Exercise promotes strong blood flow so your lower limbs can receive the nourishment provided by smart dietary decisions.

In order to help you stay on track throughout the year, here are some effective tips for keeping resolutions:

  • Be realistic. By now, you may start thinking that you might have bitten off a bigger chunk than you can chew. Don’t give up! Instead, modify your goals into ones that are more manageable.
  • Write your plan down. If you haven’t already, take the time to actually put your goals down on paper. This is a proven method to help individuals achieve their goals.
  • Have support. Friends and family can be a great resource, so don’t be shy. If your goal is to be able to run a 5k by June, let your loved ones know. You will find “cheerleaders” who can keep you motivated and celebrate your successes.
  • Track your progress. Speaking of successes, be sure to track your progress. It is incredibly motivational to see how little steps add up to big results. This will provide confidence to keep you moving forward!

Even if you didn’t make New Year’s resolutions, you can decide to make healthy lifestyle changes today! An often-overlooked part of these changes is the positive effects diet and exercise have on your feet. We love being able to help you overcome foot and ankle issues, but it’s even better to know that you were able to avoid them in the first place.

If you want information on keeping your lower limbs safe and healthy, call our Carmichael, CA podiatrist office at (916) 961-3434. You can also schedule an appointment here at McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group online today!

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