Shoe rackIf you’ve ever heard the phrase “form follows function,” you are hearing the words of Chicago architect Louis Sullivan. Sullivan was a key figure in the Modernist architectural movement of the 1930’s and is credited as being the father of the skyscraper. His famous saying doesn’t dismiss “form” (the way something looks), but rather implies that function (the way something works) is more important. This is certainly applicable in many different areas, but it can be especially noteworthy when discussing footwear.

Your shoe choices and foot health can be more closely linked than you might think. There are many instances when the function of your footwear serves to protect your lower limbs and prevent injury from happening. When picking out a new pair, you can still take the “form” into consideration, but make sure you’ve given thought to what they are actually doing for your feet first.

Some of the ways shoes are used to affect and protect your foot health include:

  • Fit. Always keep in mind that toes need to have room in the front, the heel should be secured, and there needs to be enough room in the back of the heel so it doesn’t irritate the heel bone. Proper fit can protect your feet from blisters, calluses, corns, and heel bursitis.
  • Diabetic shoes. If you have diabetes, you should already know the importance of diabetic foot care. One component of this is to wear properly-fitting shoes that cushion your feet and reduce your risk for dangerous foot ulcers. Need help knowing how to pick out the right footwear? Our office will be glad to steer you in the right direction.
  • Steel-toe and safety shoes. When you work at a job that requires you to frequently move heavy objects, protect your feet with safety shoes or steel-toed work boots to reduce your risk of fracturing a toe or developing an ingrown nail after dropping something on a foot.

Making wise shoe choices plays a role in managing foot health, but don’t forget the importance of seeing a foot doctor to address any issues that arise. Contact our Carmichael, CA office at the earliest opportunity whenever you experience pain or difficulty with a foot or ankle. Early treatment typically delivers optimal results, while allowing a problem to go unaddressed can lead to even bigger issues. Also, we provide preventive tips and advice.

When you have foot care needs, reach out to McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group by calling us at (916) 961-3434 or requesting your appointment with our office online.

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