On May 15, you have the opportunity to attend the Taste of Carmichael event at the La Sierra Community Center and benefit our community. Walking around with a painful ingrown toenail might detract from your enjoyment of the fabulous foot, wine, and music, but the money raised by this event will ultimately make a positive difference for our children and local schools. Fortunately, trimming toenails properly can greatly decrease your risk of one of them growing into the soft surrounding skin.

Toenail maintenance is easy to take for granted. Your nails grow and then you clip them. On the surface, it seems simple. The only thing is, trimming your toenails in an improper fashion will increase the risk of painful ingrown nails.

When it comes to proper technique for clipping your toenails, trim them straight across. Some people opt to round the nails off, but this enables them to grow into the sides. Additionally, it is important to trim them at an appropriate length. No one wants disgustingly long toenails, but make sure you do not go the complete opposite direction and cut them too short. Doing so only creates the possibility that nails curl down and the skin will be pushed over them by pressure from your shoes.

Nail trimming is certainly an important component to avoiding ingrown toenails, but there are other considerations, too. When you sustain trauma to a nail by dropping something heavy on it, you can ultimately develop this condition. If you work in a job where there is a realistic possibility that you may drop something heavy, be sure to wear protective footwear.

Yet another potential cause of ingrown nails is wearing shoes that are too tight. When your toes are all squished together in a tight toe box, this is one of the many potential risks you face. Always be mindful of the fact that ill-fitting footwear is the culprit behind many painful foot conditions, so be sure to choose shoes that fit comfortably and have room for your toes to wiggle and move freely.

Whether you would like additional information on cutting ingrown toenails or need professional care for a case that has developed, McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group is here for you. Our office proudly serves the Carmichael, CA community and is ready to help you today. Contact us through our online form or give us a call at (916) 961-3434.

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