How to Prevent Black ToenailsActor, author, comedian, and cowboy Will Rogers was best known for his philosophical, folksy commentary and jokes. You might know him for his quotes, “I never met a man I didn’t like,” or “Common sense ain’t common.” To celebrate that common sense, a national day was created—known as Use Your Common Sense Day. It is on Tuesday, November 4 this year – a great day to practice using that noggin of yours. As far as your feet go, it makes sense to practice preventing black toenails.

If you work out a lot or are involved with any sort of sport, you may have experienced bleeding and bruising underneath the nail, otherwise known as black toenails. When your toe pushes into the front of your shoe or hits the tops of the footwear repetitively, you might notice bruising or dark spots on the nail bed. The good news? It’s fairly easy to stop this from developing. All it takes is a little common sense:

Trim your toenails: Your toenails might be too long, hitting the front of your shoes with each step. Try trimming them a hair shorter and straighter across—that might do the trick.

Wear bigger shoes: Your shoes might be too small, which is something else that can cause your nails to bang against the front. Make sure there’s enough space left over in the toe box—about a thumbnail’s width longer than your longest toe.

There is a dark side to black spots under your toenails and that is malignant melanoma.  It is more common than you think and should always be evaluated by a professional.

Preventing black toenails should be simple with these two tips. If you already have a black spot on your nail, check to see how much area it covers. If it doesn’t cover more than 25 percent of the nail bed, try some at-home care before visiting McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group. However, if your toenail is painful or leaking any kind of discharge from an infection, you should call our office in Carmichael, CA, right away at (916) 961-3434. Now that was easy!

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