If just the thought of breaking out your sandals makes you want to schedule a pedicure, stop! Before you pick up that phone, pick up some tips to protect your toes from toenail fungus.

Yes, believe it or not, a simple visit to the salon can result in more than just a relaxing day of pampering – you could end up with a fungal infection that will make that pretty pedicure not-so-pretty anymore! So, follow these guidelines to make sure you leave the salon fungi-free:

  • pedicure foot soakRefrain from shaving your legs. Even the smallest nick in your skin can invite fungus in, so don’t worry about that winter stubble – better safe than smooth!
  • Visit or call ahead and ask questions like, “Are your technicians licensed?” and “How often do you sterilize equipment?” You want to make sure the salon has high standards of expertise and cleanliness. They should sanitize foot baths and tools between every client – if they don’t, find someplace else that does!
  • Steer clear of sharp objects! Don’t let the technician cut away rough skin or your cuticles, leaving you at risk for infection. It’s better to use a disposable wooden cuticle stick and pumice stone. Bringing your own tools will help to ensure everything is sanitary as well.
  • Ask that nails are trimmed straight across (no rounded edges) and even with tips of toes (no shorter).

If you follow these safe pedicure tips, you should be able to keep your nails clear and healthy and avoid the thick, yellow, crumbly nails you can get from a fungal infection. For more information or help with toenail fungus before sandal season arrives, call us in Carmichael, CA at (916) 961-3434.

We’ll help you transition from socks and shoes to bare toes and sandals with confidence! 

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