Normal is a relative term. With so much variation between personality types, cognitive abilities, and natural preferences, it can be hard to define what is exactly “normal” for a child. When it comes to physical development, there are certain elements that are more commonly expected than others. For example, it is generally expected that a child will have an inclination to using one hand versus the other, and that most children begin standing at around 10-12 months. When a young one begins out-toeing as he or she starts walking, it’s normal to wonder if this is typical or a serious issue.

If you are parent worried about your child’s feet pointing out, we are happy to report that this is usually the result of a minor condition, one that will typically resolve by itself over time. Further, it is not often a sign of a functional deficiency.

That said, it is possible that this condition could lead to either difficulty running or an abnormal gait for your child. We cannot tell you for certain without examining your son or daughter, but you can always bring him or her into our office for a proper evaluation. Doing so will enable us to provide you with peace of mind or initiate a treatment protocol, which will likely consist of conservative treatment methods.

Out-toeing is usually not a major concern, and operative treatments are rarely required to correct the condition. Furthermore, there is no need to place any limitations on physical activities, like competitive sports or outdoor games. (Of course, if your child has little interest in these activities, he or she is not “abnormal” – it’s purely a matter of preference!)

Here at McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group, we help patients of all ages and stages of life find the foot and ankle care they need. For new parents, this sometimes entails examining your children to make sure that everything is alright and that out-toeing is not a major concern. When you need any type of podiatric services in the greater Sacramento, CA community, we are here for you. Contact our Carmichael office by calling (916) 961-3434 or use our online form and request your appointment today.

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