Have you been to the Carmichael Recreation and Park District Farmer’s Market this summer? Don’t worry, it’ll still be there every Sunday throughout the fall! It’s the perfect place to pick up fresh veggies and fruit, as well as spices, nuts, sauces, and honey – a natural sugar substitute!

Healthy EatingSugar has a negative effect on the health of your feet, causing inflammation, inhibiting blood flow, increasing your risk of diabetes, and damaging nerves. The problem is, artificial sugar substitutes are chemically altered, and in some cases, can be just as bad for you as sugar itself! Fortunately, though, there are sugar-free sweeteners that are naturally occurring so you can cut sugar from your diet without posing additional problems -- as long as you use them in moderation, of course.

Try these natural sugar substitutes for healthier feet, and a healthier you:

Pick up some of that honey from the farmer’s market, especially if it is raw honey, and use it in recipes, coffee or tea.

You may also be able to find pure maple syrup made from evaporated tree sap, or molasses which is extracted from sugar cane plants, but a healthier alternative than the refined sugar that comes from the plant as well.

Stevia is something you may have heard of before, derived from the sweet leaves of a plant and available in powder or liquid extract form.

Coconut sugar is another sweet option, as is the plant-based Yakon syrup which is similar in consistency to molasses.

Keep in mind, these natural sugar substitutes still do contain some sugar, so use them sparingly. If you’d like more tips on eating healthy for your feet, or if you need help with foot or ankle care of any kind, call our Carmichael, CA office at (916) 961-3434. Ask about the book, Sugar Crush, too – it’s a great read for anyone interested in cutting sugar from their diet.

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