There are many common misconceptions found throughout society. In some cases, one misconception can follow another, as with the origins of fortune cookies. Once commonly thought to come from China (given that they are often provided by Chinese restaurants), in time word spread that they were an American invention. This is also not quite the case. Turns out, fortune cookies are a Japanese “cracker” traditionally sold in temples and shrines many years before they appeared here in the U.S.

Kids can get bunionsA potential misconception (potential because there is still some debate over this in the medical community) is that women’s shoes cause bunions. There are certainly reasons for thinking this would be the case, as we’ll look at momentarily, but it doesn’t explain why juvenile bunions happen. The fact of the matter is that kids can get bunions, but most of them do not wear pumps and stilettos on a frequent basis.

Women’s footwear, particularly high-heeled models, are frequently associated with, and sometimes contribute to, the development of bunions. This makes sense given the fact that they squash toes together and lead to excessive pressure on the front of the foot. These conditions could result in the displacement of the big toe’s metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ) that happens with a bunion.

Juvenile bunions also develop on account of imbalances found in that same MPTJ. Instead of footwear being at fault, though, they are often the result of inherited structural issues. Shoes that do not provide sufficient support and stability may play a role in the worsening of the condition, but are not responsible for the initial development.

If you have a son or daughter who is struggling with the painful symptoms or restricted movement that can accompany a bunion, bring him or her to see us at McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group. We will design a treatment plan that is focused not only on relieving present issues, but also preventing the condition from becoming worse.

Our Sacramento, CA foot doctor office provides exceptional, gentle child bunion care, so schedule an appointment today. Either give us a call at (916) 961-3434 or take advantage of our online form to make that appointment.

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