Pediatric Surgery

We all know it’s hard to keep kids down! After all, there’s a lot of running around to do, games to play, and friends to see, but when your child has foot surgery, it’s important that he or she slow down and take the time needed to heal and recover. Of course, keeping kids off their feet after surgery is much easier said than done! Here are some tips and ideas to help children get the rest they need without getting bored:

  • Stock up before the procedure. Gather favorite movies, library books, snacks, and games, and throw in some new ones just for fun!

  • Arrange for friends to visit, and then supply card games, coloring books, sculpting clay, and other crafts they can do from their seats!

  • Invest in a scooter or crutches to make it easier for kids to move around.

  • Set your child up with some online fun – a learn-to-draw class, an audio book series, or downloadable DIY projects are great options.

  • Bake something together.

  • Play Simon Says “stay seated!”

  • Sit outside for some fresh air and play “I Spy,” count how many birds you see, describe cloud shapes – whatever comes to mind!

  • Make up a story, write it down, and draw pictures for a homemade book.

  • Come up with a twist on a favorite sport – play soccer with spoons and a ping pong ball or have a contest shooting rolled up socks into a laundry basket, for instance.

The key is to get creative, prepare ahead of time, and remind your child that the more rest he or she gets now, the sooner your little one will be able to get back to usual activities – and who knows? Maybe one of the activities you come up with will become a new favorite thing to do!

For more tips or information on children’s foot surgeries, Simon says, call us in Carmichael, CA by dialing (916) 961-3434!

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