Whether they know it or not, children in grades 3-8 have a great opportunity in our community in the form of the Carmichael Running Club. This local organization is run (no pun intended) by parent volunteers and enables youth to learn proper technique and form, while also gaining valuable development in useful skills like goal setting and hard work. Running is a healthy activity that can also improve performance in other sports, like basketball, soccer, or football. Something that is not quite as helpful for sports is an ingrown toenail.

In many sports, there are plenty of opportunities to sustain an injury like this one. All it takes is another player accidentally stepping on the foot of your child and a toenail might be set on a course to grow into the soft skin surrounding it. Besides accidents, if your child wears shoes that are too tight and crowd the toes, or if toenails are clipped too short (and especially if they are rounded off), the trauma from repeatedly hitting the inside front of a shoe while running can lead to this condition.

When your son or daughter has developed an ingrown toenail, it is best for him or her to take time away from the activity that caused it to happen. This is not necessarily a permanent situation, but it can help with regard to treating the condition. Additionally, it can be helpful for your child to wear open-toed shoes or sandals, which keeps pressure off the sensitive area. During this time away from soccer, football, or any preferred sport, our office can prescribe a treatment regimen to get your child back in action as soon as possible.

Of course, it is always best to prevent a case of ingrown nails rather than have to treat one, so make sure that your child has the right shoes for the sport he or she participates in. Also, it is important to have footwear that fits properly. Shoes should never be too tight in the toe area. If your son or daughter cannot wiggle his or her toes, pick out a different pair.

When it is time for professional treatment for an ingrown toenail, McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group is here to help. Contact our Carmichael, CA office by calling (916) 961-3434 or use our online form to request an appointment.

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