When we look at shoe trends, it makes us cringe to see models like Balenciaga’s pointy flats and Kenzo’s kitten heels. Now, it is clear that some fashion mavens are focusing on both comfort and style. (Bravo!) There are still plenty of shoes, however, that we cannot recommend because of concern for issues like the relationship between footwear and ingrown toenails. Before you run out to pick up the season’s latest trends, please take time to consider how they will affect your feet.

Your choices in footwear have wide-ranging implications for your foot health. Many conditions can be avoided by simply choosing models that fit comfortably and are appropriate for the physical activity you perform (even if that activity is just walking). One of the numerous problems that occur when shoes are too tight is ingrown toenails.

When your toes are compressed in the front of your shoe (the toe box) they face excessive pressure that can cause toenails to grow into the surrounding skin. Complicating matters, if you suffer from nerve damage in your feet, you might not even be able to know that they are too tight. The best way to handle this is to purchase your footwear from a store that specializes in shoes and has knowledgeable staff to help you out.

Adding faulty nail clipping practices to ill-fitting footwear can further increase your risk of developing an ingrown nail. When your nails are trimmed too short, pressure from your footwear on the toes can steer a nail towards growing into the tissue. Avoid this by keeping your nails even with the edge of your toes.

There are home treatment methods for treating an ingrown toenail, but McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group in Carmichael, CA is here for you when you need professional help. We are committed to providing expert care for you and your family, so give us a call at (916) 961-3434 or use our online form and request your appointment today.

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