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How to Know if Your Ankle is Broken

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Make plans to spend time with your best friends, have fun in the Sacramento night, and get some exercise all at once by participating in this year’s Electric Run! Taking place on June 13, this event will raise money for Girls on the Run, which is a non-profit dedicated to opening doors for girls to pursue their dreams. So you can have a great time and help a great cause…as long as a broken ankle isn’t holding you back. These joints are essential for keeping you mobile and it’s important to recognize when you have suffered a fracture so you can get the treatment you need!

There are two general forms of fractures: traumatic breaks and overuse injuries. With trauma, what causes the break often happens at one time in a single event. Examples of this include car accidents, dropping a heavy item, and even a simple misstep. On the other side of the spectrum, stress fractures are the result of overuse and often happen to runners or individuals whose bones have become weakened due to osteoporosis.

The symptoms of a fractured ankle can help you understand to what degree you are injured. In the case of a traumatic break, severe pain is immediately present, the area will be tender to the touch, and there will likely be an inability to place weight upon the injured foot. Swelling and bruising are often observed in such cases. Depending on the nature of the fracture, deformity may be present.

In the case of a stress fracture, the pain is not immediately evident, but will worsen with time, especially following activity. As you rest, the pain from this form of fracture begins to subside. In a similar manner as a break that happens from trauma, tenderness and swelling will likely be present.

Whenever you experience pain in your ankle (or foot), something is wrong and you may need medical help. If you suspect that you have a broken ankle, contact McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group and schedule an appointment so we can diagnose your injury and provide an effective treatment plan. Give us a call at (916) 961-3434 or use our online form today to request your visit with our Carmichael, CA office.

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Dr. Brian McDowell
Dr. Brian McDowell, board-certified podiatrist, provides cutting-edge foot and ankle care in Carmichael, CA.
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