Walking in the dark, taking a shower, and getting out of bed are all things that don’t require much thought, not to mention much effort, for most people. However, for people affected by peripheral neuropathy, those tasks are the hardest. Loss of feeling in the feet makes you unstable, unsure of your next step, and more likely to lose your footing. Losing balance from numb feet can be devastating for your day-to-day life.

Stay hopeful, however. Recovery from peripheral neuropathy is possible. One of our main focuses is to improve and reverse neuropathy symptoms, but a successful case does not happen overnight. In the meantime, it’s important to find ways to cope and enjoy life while you’re living with this nerve pain and numbness. In the end, it’s this resilience that will help you adhere to treatment, speed your recovery, and get better.    

Try joining a support group—there are groups in Carmichael and Sacramento—where you can talk with other people who understand what you’re going through. You may also be able to hear stories of recovery and find new ways to cope with the condition.

Install night lights in the hallways, balance bars in the shower, and no-slip material underneath your rugs. This will ensure that you don’t lose your balance at home.

We can recommend a driving rehabilitation specialist that will help you regain you place behind the wheel, which may include installing hand controls to replace the breaks and gas pedal.

Don’t give up on treatment. Continue to try new methods to keep from losing balance from numb feet. Most of all, count on us. We can provide the care and support you need.

At McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group, we believe that your symptoms can turn around—we’ve seen it before, and we can help. Call our office in Carmichael, CA, at (916) 961-3434 to make an appointment with Dr. Brian McDowell and Dr. Tracy L. Basso. You can also find the McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter! 

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