Looking for a great way to show Mom you appreciate her? Well, here’s a Mother’s Day gift idea sure to make her smile: give her a soothing foot massage!

Give mom a foot massage!If you think about it, moms are always on the go, running errands, grocery shopping, picking up kids (and dropping them off), walking the dog, and sometimes squeezing it all in to a work schedule that not surprisingly leaves feet tired and sore. Massage can help boost circulation and relax muscles, reducing stress and re-energizing feet. So, show mom you’re grateful for all she does by giving her tootsies a little TLC with these tips to give a foot massage:

  • Have Mom get comfy and make sure your hands aren’t cold! You can warm some lotion to use if you like – a nice spa-like touch!
  • Using your thumbs, slowly and gently press inch by inch from toes to heel, then back up again. Then, cover the distance in one swoop back and forth.
  • If certain spots are tight, spend a little extra time applying gentle pressure there.
  • Slowly rotate ankle in one direction, then the other.
  • Massage each toe in a circular pattern.
  • End the way you started from toe to heel and back again.

There you have it – an easy yet awesome Mother’s Day gift that shows your mom how much you care! For other DIY pampering tips on everything from pedicures to foot soaks, give us a call, and if your mom’s foot pain persists, ask about our pain laser therapy, too! Just dial (916) 961-3434 to reach our Carmichael, CA office, and let the pampering begin! 

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