The Sacramento CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) provides a range of valuable services for our local community. The brave men and women in this organization are ready to respond to emergencies in multi-functional response teams and provide help to keep us all protected and safe.

A key skill for those in the Sacramento CERT is the ability to perform first-aid on victims of emergency situations. These particular skills are used to save lives. Although first-aid for sports injuries is not usually a matter of life and death, it is still an important skill to prevent a condition from worsening.

Ankle braceThere is always a risk you might be injured during athletic participation or exercise. It could happen in games, practices, or even off-season workouts, but first-aid is an important step no matter when an injury takes place. Some of the more common injuries that happen as a result of physical activities include:

When it comes to first-aid techniques for sports injuries, the best place to start is by removing yourself or the injured individual from the physical activity. Once off the field or in a safe location, initiate the RICE protocol. This is a matter of:

  • Rest – Protect the injured area by resting from activity and keeping weight off it. This will help prevent the injury from worsening and allow the body to begin its natural healing processes.

  • Ice – Apply an ice pack (wrapped in a thin towel or t-shirt to prevent skin damage) to the injured area to decrease pain and swelling. Keep the ice applied for 15 – 20 minutes at a time and repeat every couple of hours.

  • Compression – Use an elastic wrap or bandage and wrap it snugly (but not too tight) around the injured area. If numbness, tingling, or a change in skin tone is present, loosen the wrap a bit.

  • Elevation – Keep the injury elevated above heart level to further decrease swelling and inflammation.

First-aid for sports injuries is essential for preventing further damage, but for complete healing come in for professional evaluation and treatment here at McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group. This is especially important given that many different foot and ankle injuries can have similar symptoms. You want to make sure that the right issue is being treated, so contact our Carmichael, CA office today by calling (916) 961-3434 or schedule your appointment with us online.

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