Fitness is a pretty high priority in California, and that goes for moms-to-be, too! In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see women exercising during pregnancy, as it actually provides a host of benefits -- from relieving discomforts like back pain, swollen feet, and fatigue to reducing stress and improving stamina for delivery. It can even improve your mood and posture as well as help you sleep better and prevent certain pregnancy issues that can arise.

pregnant mom with dad giving foot massage

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should go all out like you did before your baby was on board. You need to make sure your doctor is on board, as well! It’s important to have a medical professional help create an appropriate fitness plan and monitor you while exercising when you’re expecting to ensure there are no pregnancy-related conditions present, or that pop up, putting you or your baby in harm’s way.

If you do get the go ahead, stick to low-impact activities like swimming or walking. If you ran prior to pregnancy, jogging can be done in moderation as well. Avoid exercises that require balance or that are strenuous, and especially stay away from contact sports! Never exercise in extreme heat or do anything that involves a risk of falling. Eat enough calories to meet the needs of your pregnancy as well as your extra activity, and drink plenty of water, too. It’s also important to wear comfortable and supportive shoes, and perhaps orthotics, as well as non-restrictive clothing. Keep in mind that your routine will likely need to be modified as you move through the stages of pregnancy. Most importantly, listen to your body and don’t overdo it. Stop if you feel dizzy or have any pain.

If you are expecting and would like to exercise during pregnancy, give us a call in Carmichael, CA by dialing (916) 961-3434. We’ll help get you started on an appropriate fitness plan. Oh, and by the way – congratulations!

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