Living with Diabetic NeuropathyThe loss of sensation in your feet that is attributed to diabetic neuropathy may not only cause discomfort and difficulty maintaining a full and active life, but can also be quite dangerous, leading to serious complications, and even amputation.

Without feeling in your foot, you can sustain an injury and not even realize it. Even the smallest of wounds has the potential to become a major problem when you consider that poor blood flow, also associated with diabetes, can further stall the healing process and invite a dangerous ulcer to develop.

In addition, you could break a bone in your foot without being aware of it and continue to walk on the injury, causing even further damage. This could lead to Charcot foot, a condition in which bones in your foot collapse.

Unnoticed, and therefore untreated, situations such as these can result in lengthy hospital stays and even the loss of a limb. Knowing the dangers that come from diabetic neuropathy is the first step in avoiding them, and taking precautionary measures is vital.

  • Stay diligent with daily foot inspections and make an appointment immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary.
  • Always check inside your shoes before putting them on to ensure there is nothing inside them that could cause irritation or injury.
  • Make sure shoes fit properly so they do not rub or irritate feet, and wear them all the time to protect your feet from harm.
  • Stay on top of good hygiene. Keep feet clean and dry. Trim nails straight across and even with tips of toes. Moisturize skin to avoid dryness and cracks.
  • Make good lifestyle choices. Don’t smoke! Manage your weight and blood sugar levels with a healthy diet. Exercise daily to keep your blood flowing and reduce risk of infection.
  • Finally, schedule regular checkups with Dr. Brian McDowell to ensure early detection and prompt treatment, keeping small issues from turning into big problems.

Dial (916) 961-3434 to reach our Carmichael, CA office, or use our contact form online to ask us any questions or to schedule a visit. Diabetic neuropathy holds many dangers, but we can help you stay safe and live a healthy life.

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