Ankle instabilityWhen construction companies—like Innovative Construction Management, Inc. or DPR’s Sacramento, CA office—work on projects, a key consideration is the stability of the building. The permits granted to these companies by the county are only issued when inspectors are certain that the building will be safe for those who enter. Stability is important in civil engineering, but it’s worth noting that it is essential for your body as well.

As Carmichael podiatrists, we are quick to point out the roles feet and ankles have in this regard. Identifying causes of ankle instability—and knowing how to avoid them—will help keep you upright, mobile, and able to perform your favorite activities!

Podiatry Today reports that “Chronic ankle instability can be a common and often debilitating problem…” and we whole-heartedly agree with this assessment. Of the reasons for unstable ankles, the most common (by far) are ankle sprains and insufficient recovery from ankle injury. Too often, individuals return to physical activity before the injury has healed, which leads to the “debilitating problem.”

As we look at specific causes, risk factors that lead to increased risk of the condition include:

  • History of significant ankle sprains
  • Loose ligaments (generalized ligamentous laxity)
  • Hindfoot varus alignment – the heel position has an abnormal inwards slope towards the midline
  • Participation in basketball, volleyball, and other high-risk activities

The best way to prevent this condition from developing is coming to see our foot doctors when you injure your ankle and then following our treatment plan. We may recommend that you avoid sports and other physical activities for a certain timeframe, which is important for keeping the ankle joints stable.

No matter which of the risk factors or causes of ankle instability has led to issues for you, we can help. McDowell Podiatry provides care and treatment for a wide array of foot and ankle problems, so contact us today. You can schedule your appointment with our Carmichael, CA podiatrist office online or call (916) 961-3434 to find out more information from our staff. Remember, issues with your feet or ankles are not normal and need to be addressed, so let our foot specialists provide the care you need!

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