Back pain and your feetWhether your back gets stiff or sore when you stand for too long, or you are unable to do the things you enjoy because back pain is bringing you down, you could very well have your feet to blame!

Flat feet, especially, can cause problems that radiate up through your knees, hips, and even your back. That’s because with this arch-less condition, your feet—which take on a force of about five times your body weight with every step—are unable to absorb the shock and redistribute it evenly. This stresses all of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones in your foot, up your leg, and beyond and can throw everything out of whack.

Faulty foot structures, an abnormal gait, and high arches can cause similar issues. So what can you do? Go shoe shopping of course! Many times a switch in footwear works wonders to relieve back pain caused by your feet.

Shoes with high heels can cause a number of problems, including throwing your feet (and everything connected to them) out of alignment. On the other end of the spectrum, totally flat shoes, like flip flops, provide no support. So, choose footwear somewhere in between! Look for shoes with a low heel or at least a pair that offers good support and plenty of cushioning. You can also look into orthotic shoe inserts that can help distribute your weight evenly and provide the added support and cushioning you need to keep your feet in proper position and feeling great—which in turn will help your back feel better, too!

If you think your feet may be behind your back pain, make an appointment today with McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group by calling (916) 961-3434. We will assess your feet and determine a treatment plan that will get you off of the couch and up and about pain-free! 

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