Let’s face it, feet have it rough! Not only do they have to carry the load of our entire body weight around, but they’re constantly in danger of becoming too sweaty, too stressed, or too squished in their shoes! At McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group, we see all sorts of skin conditions that affect the feet as well. Sorry feet, you’ve got even more to worry about!

Blister, corn, or wart?

Be on Guard Against Blisters– these fluid-filled bubbles form to protect skin against friction, but despite their good intentions, blisters can cause pain and difficulty wearing shoes. Protect the bubble from bursting by covering it with a bandage. Make sure the top layer remains intact to keep infection out.

Prevention tip: Always wear socks with your shoes, make sure your shoes fit correctly, and change sweaty socks often!

Be Wary of Warts – caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), warts are thick layers of dead skin that build up and can be painful if they form on the bottom of your foot! These growths are contagious and will spread, too.

Prevention tip: Keep feet clean and wear shower shoes in public places.

Be Careful to Stay Clear of Corns – Signified by thick, hardened layers of skin, corns form in places like the tops and tip of toes in response to friction and pressure. They are typically hard in the middle and surrounded by inflamed skin that can be painful.

Prevention tip: Use padding as a layer of protection between your skin and shoe, always wear socks, and make sure your shoes fit!

Of course, these are just a few of the skin conditions that affect the feet – that’s why you’ve got to stay on your toes (so to speak) and be proactive to keep feet healthy and problem-free!

For more tips, answers to your questions, or to make an appointment to keep your feet happy, give our Carmichael, CA office at (916) 961-3434.

We’ll help you with blisters, corns, and warts, oh my, plus, a whole lot more!

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