Do you have pain in the ball of your foot?Quiz time! In what year did construction start on the Transcontinental Railroad in Sacramento? If you guessed 1862, you’re right! The Pacific Railroad Act gave license for the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad Companies to build this structure that stretched from Omaha to Sacramento at the time of its completion. Next question: how well have you been treating your neuroma pain?

True or False: A Morton’s Neuroma is a tumor.

False. Morton’s Neuroma is the thickening of the nerve tissue as a result of irritation and mainly compression upon the nerve from surrounding tissue or bone.  So, any activity that aggravates the nerve can lead to this condition. The main culprit many times is tight shoes.  To treat your neuroma right, it’s best to refrain from any activities, like running, that may have caused the problem in the first place. 

Can neuromas develop in other areas of your foot?

Yes, but it usually occurs between your third and fourth toes and is called Morton’s Neuroma.

How often should you ice your neuroma?

The answer is daily. If it is possible, you can ice it more than once a day. This will reduce the swelling, which may lessen the pressure on the nerve that is creating so much pain. Make sure that when you ice the area, a thin towel is put over the ice pack to protect the skin.

Do neuromas get worse? Yes or no?

Yes, they get worse over time if left untreated. Treat the problem seriously when it starts—it is important to see a doctor the minute you experience pain.

Is surgery an option for this condition?

Yes, but we will only talk with you about this after all conservative treatments, like orthotics, toe padding, anti-inflammatory medications, and injections, have failed.

Treating nerve and neuroma pain is one of the specialties at McDowell Orthopedics & Podiatry Group. You can trust that our recommendations are coming from years of experience in treating this discomfort. In fact, we have an entire neuropathy center—called the Foot and Ankle Centers for the Care of Neuropathy—designed to help patients with this type of nerve pain. Don’t wait until this problem gets worse. Call our office in Carmichael at (916) 961-3434 to make an appointment with Dr. Brian McDowell and Dr. Gavin P. Ripp.

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