The next Olympic Games don’t take place until August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, but the La Sierra Community Center is hosting an Olympic Day on June 23 for children ages 5-12. This free event will allow the kids in our community an opportunity to see a real gold medal and interact with the athlete—volleyball player Gabe Gardner—who won it. An injury like a broken ankle would mean your child could not participate in the free volleyball clinic, but it is still a great opportunity to see an actual Olympic medal and learn about an Olympian’s experience!

No matter the level of competition, this kind of injury will send you, or your loved one, to the sidelines for a while. Attempting to jump back into activity too quickly impedes your body’s ability to heal itself and, even worse, increases your risk of long-term damage. It is important to know what you can reasonably expect for a proper recovery period.

There are a couple of factors that can impact your broken ankle recovery, including:

  • Severity of the Injury – If we are looking at a mild fracture, it is possible for complete healing to happen within 4 weeks, but some cases take up to 8 weeks. Beyond the bones actually mending, be prepared for up to several months before full range of motion and use of the joint is restored.
  • Necessity of Surgery – In some instances, a fractured ankle requires screws and a metal rod or plate to keep parts in a proper position. When this is the case, recovery time naturally takes longer than it would for a simple break.
  • Patient’s Willingness to Follow Instructions – You have more control over how long it takes to recover from a broken bone than you might think. If you follow our instructions carefully, your body will heal in the quickest possible fashion.

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