buddy taping toes

If you get hurt playing sports, many times a buddy on the team is there to pick you up and support you as you’re helped off the field to recover. Well, this is exactly the concept behind buddy taping! This treatment approach entails taping an injured toe to its “buddy” next door. The healthy neighboring toe then serves as support while the injury heals. In other words, it’s like a built-in splint!

Toe injuries benefit from buddy taping since the process holds the injured toe in proper alignment, allowing it to heal correctly. In addition, taping your toe to another provides not only support, but also protection – both of which are necessary to recover from an injury. Of course, taking a break from activity and icing your toe will help the healing process along as well.

It’s best to place some padding between the toes being taped together, and use athletic tape to buddy them up. Be sure not to tape too tightly as you can inhibit circulation, and that’s not good, especially when you’re trying to heal. Your blood needs to bring your injured toe the healing nutrients it needs to recover – make sure it can get there! Also, keep the tape clean and dry. You will likely have to change it daily until your toe is feeling better.

While taping your toe to another is something you can do at home, it’s important that you come see us to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Buddy taping works great, but there may be something more we can do. Call us to find out by dialing (916) 961-3434 to reach our Carmichael, CA office. We’ll be there for you just like your toes are there for each other!

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