Homes decorated for the holidays have dangers lurking everywhere. From Christmas tree pine needles and stray ornament hooks to dropped appetizer toothpicks and fallen décor tacks, you need to watch your step, especially if you have numb feet from neuropathy! A lack of feeling in your feet means minor injuries can happen without your knowledge and easily snowball into ulcers and other dangerous complications. That’s why it’s so important to protect your feet when you have neuropathy. Follow these helpful tips to keep your feet safe from harm and your holiday happy!

Protecting feet with neuropathy
  1. Keep footwear on your feet. Even when you’re inside your home, always keep your shoes on or invest in a pair of hard-soled slippers. If you’re a guest in someone else’s home, simply bring your slippers along.
  2. Look before you leap. Check inside your shoes before putting them on to ensure there are no obstructions hiding inside.
  3. Test the waters. A nice, 
  4. warm bath is a great way to de-stress during the holidays, but be sure to test the temperature of the water with your elbow before you jump in with both feet!
  5. Dress for the weather. If you’re heading to the mountains, make sure your feet are ready for the cold! Wear seamless socks that are warm but moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry and warm.
  6. Beware holiday cocktails and treats. Limiting alcohol and being diligent about your diet might be difficult this time of year, but remember, it’s essential to your health!
  7. Don’t let good hygiene habits slip. With so much to do during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s tempting to cut corners, but when it comes to your health, you can’t risk it! Keep feet clean and dry, moisturize (but not between your toes), and have nails trimmed straight across and even with the tips of your toes.

Follow these tips so your feet stay safe, happy, and healthy through the holidays and beyond! If you have any questions about neuropathy or need help trimming your nails or treating a wound, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use our online contact form or call our Car

michael, CA office at (916) 961-3434.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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