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Steps of Your Ankle Fracture Recovery

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There are many ways to break bones. Whether you suffer a stress fracture from running miles and miles with the River City Rebels Running Club or sustain a break from an auto accident, you are going to need expert treatment. Fortunately, our McDowell Podiatry Group will be there for you all the way through your successful ankle fracture recovery!

When you have fractured your ankle, whether from physical trauma or overuse, your body will take measures to heal the damaged bone tissue. The first step in your ankle fracture recovery is to schedule an appointment with our Carmichael, CA office for diagnosis. We can evaluate the extent of your injury and determine an appropriate course for treatment and recovery.

Should your ankle be stable, which means that everything is in its rightful place, there will not be any need for surgery. We may need to implement measures to immobilize the joint or keep weight off of the affected leg. While your bone tissue is mending, it is important to rest and ice the area to promote complete recovery.

When it comes to fractures that are more severe, surgery may be required. Our skilled doctors will reposition your bone fragments, as necessary, to restore them to their natural alignment. Plates and screws might be used to keep them in place.

Regardless as to the treatment methods used, we will monitor the condition with repeated x-rays so you can know how everything is progressing. Keep in mind that it will likely take up to 6 weeks for your broken bones to properly mend, but your affected tendons and ligaments will take more time than that. In addition to monitoring the injury, we will provide any supports—splints, braces, casts—necessary to assist in your recovery and rehabilitation activities for you to perform.

If you have pain in your foot or ankle, you might be dealing with a fracture. Find out if this is what is ailing you by making an appointment with McDowell Podiatry Group and having our doctors provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for you. We are based in Carmichael, CA and offer exceptional foot care for patients from across the greater Sacramento area. Call us today at (916) 961-3434 or use our online form and schedule your appointment.

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Dr. Brian McDowell
Dr. Brian McDowell, board-certified podiatrist, provides cutting-edge foot and ankle care in Carmichael, CA.
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