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McDowell Podiatry Group's Blog About Foot and Ankle Injuries

If you are suffering from a foot or ankle injury, we sincerely hope that you will think of visiting the McDowell Podiatry for help. If you are still looking for more information before you make an appointment, that's where our blog comes in handy. We have the information you need to make educated and healthy decisions about your foot or ankle injury. That way, you will know how to treat your minor injuries at home and when it is time to seek the help of McDowell Podiatry Group.

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  • Are You a Weekend Warrior? Dr. Brian McDowell warns weekend warriors of their increased risk of injury due to improper training and preparation.
  • Sports and Your Feet: Lessen the Impact Podiatrist, Dr. Brian McDowell , talks about common sports injuries and the things you can do to avoid them.
  • Cleats are on Their Feet McDowell Podiatry Group emphasizes the importance of having the right shoe for the activity, including the correct cleat for the sport.
  • Bunionettes vs. Bunions Bunions and bunionettes share several characteristics, but there is also a key distinction between these two toe deformities that can develop.
  • IT Band Syndrome Prevention You can undergo treatment for IT band syndrome, but it is always better to take measures to prevent the injury from developing in the first place.
  • Understanding Tarsal Coalition Not all of the conditions podiatrists treat are particularly well-known. Dr. Brian McDowell discusses a lesser-known one—tarsal coalition.
  • Treating Kids' Sports Injuries When your son or daughter hurts a foot or ankle while participating in sports events, McDowell Podiatry Group is ready to provide the necessary treatment.
  • How to Prevent Common Sports Injuries Learn about injury prevention from the doctors at McDowell Podiatry Group, so you stay safe while performing your favorite sports and physical activities.
  • Sports Injury Treatment The downside of physical activity is injury risk. Fortunately most sport injuries that affect feet and ankles can be treated at McDowell Podiatry Group.
  • First-Aid for Sports Injuries Early care is essential for preventing sports injuries from worsening. Learn about first-aid techniques from Dr. Brian McDowell in Carmichael, CA.
  • Turf Toe – What You Need to Know Learn about the ins and outs of turf toe from Dr. Brian McDowell, and be sure to contact McDowell Podiatry Group for a visit when you sprain your big toe.
  • Top Tips to Rebuild a Recovering Ankle Dr. Brian McDowell and the experts at McDowell Podiatry Group in Carmichael, CA offer tips to help rebuild your ankle strength as you recover from injury.
  • Ankle Fracture Recovery It is essential to fully recover from a broken ankle before resuming activity. The foot doctors at McDowell Podiatry Group discuss how long this can take.
  • Steps of Your Ankle Fracture Recovery The doctors at McDowell Podiatry Group discuss the steps you can expect when it comes to ankle fracture recovery. Learn from the Carmichael, CA experts.
  • How to Know if Your Ankle is Broken It is essential to recognize an injury—especially one like a broken ankle—so you know to seek treatment. Dr. Brian McDowell in Carmichael, CA explains.
  • Fracturing the Ball of the Foot If you have pain and swelling in the ball of the foot, you might have a broken sesamoid. Dr. Brian McDowell from McDowell Podiatry Group explains.
  • First Aid for a Broken Foot When you break your foot, stay off it, call 911 if you’re alone, and make sure you see the McDowell Podiatry Group as soon as you can for treatment.
  • How to Start Running When You’re Overweight Good shoes and a visit to the doctor are the keys to starting a successful running program when you’re overweight, according to McDowell Podiatry Group.
  • Solving the Worst Heel Pain in Soccer Kids When heel pain prevents your kid from playing soccer, follow these methods for “kicking” even the worst of symptoms, according to McDowell Podiatry Group.
  • Tendonitis and Bursitis: Knowing the Difference McDowell Podiatry Group explains the difference between tendinitis and bursitis and why knowing the difference is important for the health of your feet.